Psibernetix Inc.

artificial intelligence development and consultation

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods have extremely high performance, are incredibly efficient, and possess unique safety capabilities, bringing automation and machine learning solutions to our clients for significantly lower prices than any competition.  In a market littered with different types of neural networks, we provide something different, our own methodology of fuzzy logic based AIs.

Whether you need an AI to optimize purchasing schedules, perfect your inventory, predict the effectiveness of a drug or surgical procedure, reduce maintenance costs, or provide assured control of vehicles, we’re here for you!

Have a project you think we could help with or want to learn more about our capabilities?

Why Choose Us?

Being a small business, our prices are incredibly competitive and we take great pride in our extreme agility.  Our self-developed techniques have a continuously growing and perfectly consistent record of giving the best results of any methodology to a variety of different problems.

Our combination of performance, efficiency, and safety cannot be beat!

Our learning system:

  • Performance

    In small-scale problems with perfect information, our methods compare extremely favorably to alternatives.  Magnify the scale to extreme sizes, add randomness or sensor noise, and even throw in some uncertainties and our techniques hold strong as others have severe losses in performance, or can’t even provide an answer at all!

  • Efficiency

    Extremely quick development times compared to the competition save our clients money and swiftly strengthens their market position.  Our technologies are also computationally efficient, allowing for more applications where run-times are a concern as well as  significantly easing the demands of our clients’ hardware budget.  Our AIs can make decisions in the domain of microseconds.  What some use powerful distributed computing systems for, we can outperform with a Raspberry Pi!

  • Safety

    Our AIs can be proven to adhere to all defined safety specifications and operational doctrines in all scenarios.  In English: Have some safety specification or requirement that you want the AI to ALWAYS meet, no matter what?  We can guarantee compliance ALWAYS.  Have something you want the AI to NEVER do?  We can prove it NEVER will.  Safety isn’t just for our defense projects, and doesn’t have to be about human lives; dollars, materials, and even time can all be safety concerns.

  • EVE System

    Our bio-inspired AIs can be applied to nearly any problem, even the creation of other AIs!  Our EVE System just does that, and is but one of many in-house tools we utilize as a force multiplier, cutting cost and development time.