What We Offer

Utilizing the technique of Genetic Fuzzy Trees we can create intelligent systems to bring automation to your business or project. This state of the art approach can outperform alternative methods such as learning neural networks and does so without requiring a supercomputer or a full-time research department.

If you have an overwhelming amount of data with respect to both inputs and number of sets (or a problem which can be simulated, creating said data), and want to do more than apply simple statistical analytics or work on a small subset of the information, we’re here to serve you. Our methods are unique in being able to bring intelligent control to a wide array of problems, both in terms of applicability as well as performance.

We can quickly get a system up and running that saves time in existing applications or allows new ideas to become possible. Genetic Fuzzy Trees are applicable to practically any field, but in general any decision making need is the optimal application of our services.

Developing a genetic algorithm or fuzzy logic based system?  As experts in this field with experience applying these techniques to actual systems, consultation services are also available.

Some prime example applications could include:

  • Medical Prediction/Diagnosis
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Large Scale Dynamic Resource Management
  • Task Scheduling
  • File Management
  • Drafting/Design Automation
  • Robotic Manufacturing/Surgery/Surveying
  • Electronic Form Automation

  • Robot Group Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Video Game AI
  • Software Development

Already have an intelligent system in place and interested in alternative approaches?  Let us show you how favorably we compare.